Matt’s getting moved in..

A Message From Nick


Nickolaus Pacione, author and publisher behind Lake Fossil Press introduces his cousin. Pacione is an old school webmonkey. Pacione knew some about the Lindquist bloodline but not as much as the Pacione bloodlines. In 2011, his mother introduced Matt as one of his cousins. This is a cousin on his grandmother’s side.

I figured I would do this post showing Matt how this place works. I’ve been using off and on for a few years as this bog will be maintained by me, Matt, a few cousins from the Pacione bloodline and the Lindquist bloodlines. This is Matt’s place so he will be doing all the writing here though you can catch me on An Author’s Blog. Rule of thumb Matt try to keep the blog entries a good lengthed so you keep your reader’s interest. Candid life bloggers seem to have the largest readers and they are the ones who seem to get noticed the most.
      So I hope you guys make yourselves at home on my cousin’s blog but any problematic jokers I will show you the door myself. Matt’s been through enough hell as it is and I don’t want people being too assholish with him because he had it rough in his twenties. Much as my family on this side had it rough too. So yeah I hope he gets used to being in the mode to get some blogging out there because it should give him something to toy with to occupy his time — I told him to use this place to type out his blogs first as this stores on cloud meaning nothing he has to download and he can login with failbook. This will be behind a tag so he can see how this works and if he needs another set of tags to do a new paragraph. Continue reading